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Arabic Natural Language Processing: State of the Art and Prospects

Thursday, November 30, 2006 from 12:30 to 13:30 at Jacobo Auditorium

SUBMITTED BY: Dr. Rached Zantout
Dr. Rached Zantout
Assistant Professor
Electrical And Computer Engineering Department
Faculty of Engineering
Hariri Canadian University

ABSTRACT: Due to the information revolution and the communication revolution, the world has been transformed into an information society in which distance is no longer a problem. Users of computers expect, nowadays, their computers to be more intelligent, understand them in their native languages and be able to interact with them like any other human being. Furthermore, language differences are nowadays seen as a barrier in front of commerce, trade and mutual relations. In particular, the dominance of a language (at present) or a family of languages (in the near future) in the internet has lead to the alienation of a large percentage of human population from this very useful tool. Solutions to this problem have created language islands in the internet and have not been yet able to bridge the gap between those islands.

A promising technology that can bridge the gap and eliminate the barriers is Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP is a growing area of Computer Science which attempts to make computers more human like in their interactions with the outside world. In this presentation, NLP will be defined and its importance in the world will be articulated. Furthermore, the state of Arabic NLP (ANLP) will be reviewed and will be shown to be lacking a lot behind NLP in other languages. A brief description will follow of some of the efforts for ameliorating the state of ANLP with an eye on what Lebanese researchers can contribute for this amelioration
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