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GCE: A- and AS-Levels

Last updated on September 21st, 2018

  • The University of Balamand offers GCE students equivalence to the Freshman year upon the successful completion of the A- and/or AS-level courses requirement. In this respect, students are, currently, requested, by the Lebanese Ministry of Education (LMOE),  to pass two-A-level courses (or equivalent) and will, accordingly, grant them equivalency to the Lebanese Baccalaureate (LMOE).

  • Each A-level Course is equivalent to two-AS-level courses

  • Based on the A/AS-level courses chosen at High-School and the intended future major at university, students may be requested to register for a number of “remedial courses” . Such courses are nominated by the specific major as pre-requisite to admission

  • A student with partial fulfilment of “A- and/or AS-level courses requirement” will be accepted as FRESHMAN and will not be given any partial transfer credits towards the Freshman year

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