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Thanaweyyah A’ammah Holders

Applicants to the University of Balamand are accepted under Special Orientation Program (SOP) if they are holders of the:

  • Lebanese BT Baccalaureate
  • Thanaweyyah A’ammah

Thanaweyyah A’ammah Holders refer to Students that had their secondary education in a language other than English, or lack the required proficiency in the English Language

SOP students with Thanaweyyah A’ammah background are given the following remedial courses based on their Intended Major of Study as mentioned below:


1-For Engineering Majors:               MATH 002, CHEM 001 & PHYS 001 

2-For Sciences Majors:

i- Computer Science:             - MATH002

ii- Mathematics:                    - MATH002 & PHYS001.​

iii- Physics:                           - MATH002 & PHYS001.

iv- Basic Sciences Programs, Faculty of Health Sciences and any Pre-medicine Program:                                                                                               MATH002,

and two of: PHYS001, CHEM 001 or BIOL 001

3-For FBM or THM Majors:                    MATH001 

4-For ALBA Majors:                               MATH002


NB       Based on the placement level of ENGLISH and t​he number of registered SOP students, the SOP advisor may substitute any of the above mentioned courses by an equivalent course within the Freshman Program​

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