Founded in 2001, The Accreditation, Certification, and Quality Assurance Institute (ACQUIN)’s aim is to support the maintenance and enhancement of quality standards for teaching and learning in higher education and to contribute to the internationalization of German higher education by performing accreditation for all types of higher education institutions and taking into account all types of programs and disciplines. A main objective is to provide guidance and information for students, employers and higher education institutions and to contribute to more transparency in the market of study programs. Within the accreditation process, the institutional membership of the applicant does not have any decisive influence, neither on the content of the evaluation procedure nor on the accreditation decision-making process. ACQUIN is empowered to award its quality seal to study programs which have successfully undergone accreditation.

ACQUIN is highly committed to quality and excellence in all its activities:
  • Accreditation of German Bachelor and Master study programs
  • Accreditation in all subject fields based on the expertise of our Standing Expert Committee members
  • Evaluation and accreditation of selected international study programs
  • International cooperation and networking
  • Projects and workshops with national and international partners
  • Development of new quality assurance methods
  • Pilot project "process quality in teaching and learning"
  • Publications
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