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Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical Engineering Department
Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical Engineering is an all-encompassing discipline. Not only is it concerned with the design, analysis, manufacture and maintenance of mechanical systems, it is also dedicated to their operational management and sustainability.

Mechanical systems are moving systems! Mechanical engineers make things that move! Make them work! And make them work better! Throughout this process, they use their ingenuity, innovation and creativity, in addition to any available technology to solve the world’s problems! Essentially, they are well-rounded pragmatic problem solvers who want to make the world a better place!

Here at the University of Balamand Mechanical Engineering Department, students are exposed to how things work! They enhance their problem solving and design skills, learn to work in teams and acquire leadership traits and become socially responsible. Here in the Department, students and Faculty work side by side to learn new things, generate new knowledge and share a very enjoyable experience.

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