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Academic Entrepreneurship Day

The Balamand Working Group on Academic Entrepreneurship organized “The Academic Entrepreneurship Day” on Thursday 12/01/2017 at the Jacobo Auditorium. 
The seminar was attended by more than 50 faculty members and  deans. The opening note was delivered by VP Nahas representing President Elie Salem. 

In turn, Dr. Maureen Nicolas spoke for the Working Group on Academic Entrepreneurship setting the stage on the purpose of the day. She then introduced the guest speaker Professor Emeritus Theodoris Katsanevas, an economist and professor emeritus at the University of Piraeus, Greece. 

In his lecture, Prof. Katsanevas entitled his lecture tried to answer the question: “Can an academic be an entrepreneur?” He contrasted the characters of academic with that of entrepreneur and deduced that an academic is encouraged to be an entrepreneur, while keeping the priority for his academic career. 
To reach this conclusion, he tackled a number of issues related to the subject like the relationship between academia and industry, the transfer of technology and the creation of an office to transfer knowledge.

The academic entrepreneurship activities at UOB were exposed by the following centers: 

1. GIS Center, FOE, represented by Dr. OUssama Jadayel and Dr. Amal Iaali
2. Department of Education, FASS, represented by Dr. Guenia Zgheib
3. Co-Academic Programs, FHS, represented by Mrs. Habbouba Aoun
4. Institute of Environment, represented by Dr. Manal Nader
5. Economics and Capital Markets Research Center, FOBM, represented by Fr. Paul Doueihi
6. IOHANES - Department of Museum Studies, represented by Dr. Nadine Haroun

In their presentations, the colleagues described the history and vision of their centers, and cited samples of their activities that showed their connection to the society and the impact they cause. The issue of impact was emphasized and some concepts, like social entrepreneurship, were visited.

A discussion session followed where questions were raised and comments were followed up by Prof. Katsanevas.
At the closing session, Fr. Melki thanked all the contributors and attendees promising a follow up to the event.

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