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Studying Anfeh With an Eye to the Future

The Department of Archeology and Museology is offering a two-day course at the University of Balamand on Aug 6-7 followed by field training in Anfeh from August 8 to August 23. The course is open to students from all backgrounds.

“We are very pleased with this initiative, and the students who registered for the course are coming from archeology, anthropology, architecture, and landscaping backgrounds, along with NGOS who are working with us too,” says head of the department Dr. Nadine Haroun.

The course will be led by Dr. Julian Jansen Van Rensburg, a specialist in underwater archeology and maritime ethnography. Dr. Jansen has a long standing interest in maritime ethnography and has run projects in Yemen and Iran looking at the tangible and intangible heritage of maritime communities, especially among fishermen communities.

The Anfeh maritime ethnography project is part of the archeological and ethnographic campaign that the Department of Archeology and Museology is involved in in order to promote sustainable development, said Dr. Haroun.

The two-day course instructs students on techniques for registering data or “what we call oral history of fisherman in order to understand their needs,” says Dr. Haroun. The students will contribute to the study of maritime anthropology by looking at the way in which social, religious, environmental and technological influences have, over time, become integrated into the everyday life of communities involved with the sea.

The Anfeh Ethnography field school provides participants the opportunity to be trained in ethnography fieldwork while conducting research within the context of an existing and ongoing investigation, explains Dr. Haroun.

Participating researchers will use quantitative and qualitative methods to investigate and document the tangible and intangible maritime heritage and its meaning and value to the community.

“This is a multidisciplinary course that covers all the elements of ethnography and puts archeology in a wider context,” says Dr. Haroun.

While archeology is normally associated with the past, cultural heritage or the environment, says Dr. Haroun, “today we are placing archeology in a wider context through a project that is funded by the Honor Frost Foundation, which supports the maritime and marine archeology in the Eastern Mediterranean.”

This, says Dr. Haroun, is part research project, and part education, in order to promote the environment and sustainable development. ​​​

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