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Annual Club Fair: An Audition?

The Office of Student Affairs organizes at the beginning of every academic year its “Annual Club Fair,” an event likened by Dean of Student Affairs Tony Gergess to a tryout or an audition for every club on campus. During the fair, every club, he says, is able to present a brief about its social and cultural activities as it tries to attract new members.

“Campus life is very alive at Balamand,” says Dr. Gergess, and “the beauty of the Club Fair is the excitement it generates and the competition between students who try to attract new students to join their clubs.”

The main objective of the clubs is to engage students in extracurricular activities, to develop their leadership skills, and to increase community service through campus-wide and community-based projects and activities, says Dr. Gergess.

Clubs and societies at Balamand represent a wide variety of interests offering students the opportunity to experience growth outside the classroom setting. However, cautions the dean of student affairs, students need to draw a line between their studies and their extra-curricular activities. “We try to monitor the academic performance of students engaged in clubs.” Professional staff members and faculty advisors are also available to assist individuals forming a club and to advise registered groups, he added.

The Folk Dance Club is among the many active clubs on campus. The club organizes yearly events at the university, in collaboration with the music club. Last year, the club participated in the FOMGED youth festival that took place in Turkey.

Imad Agha, president of the Parkour Club, said that the main objective of his club is to enrich campus life through entertaining activities like extreme sports activities, frisby tournaments, parkour and free run activities which the whole University enjoyed last year.”

The Balamand website will soon be highlighting the many clubs at the University. Stay tuned. ​

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