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Stressed? PSYC258 Comes to the Rescue

Wondering what elective course to take? Stressed by the whole college thing? Well, here’s a fun course that will help you deal with stress and improve your overall performance.

More than three quarters of college students report high to moderate stress. This elevation in stress, which has been linked to lower academic performance, reduces the quality of college experience and overall wellness. In addition to its impact on health in terms of illness and disease, negative stress is even more detrimental because people do not know how to manage it effectively. Fortunately, there are proven methods for stress reduction and management. Take advantage of that fact.

The aim of PSYC258 Topics in Psychology this Spring semester will be about "Application in Stress Management: How to Cope with Stress in College." The course will instruct on methods to reduce stress both didactically and experientially. Students will learn to integrate effective relaxation skills into their daily lives, on and off campus, thereby enhancing their college success and enjoyment, while building a stress-resilient lifestyle that is likely to extend into their professional life.

Course Description
This course teaches the fundamentals of stress and its management, the skills/techniques to prevent and alleviate stress, and the SUCCEED model which promotes the successful implementation of these strategies. The class includes practical activities and hands-on assignments that culminate in the design and implementation of a personalized stress management plan. The learning objectives of the course are both conceptual and experiential.

So, on February 4-6, make sure you register for the course and start getting rid of that stress that is making your life difficult.​​​​​
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