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Engineering Students Awards​

Mr. Roger Haddad: Director of the National Cement industry, Balamand student Sobhi Ghaleb, and the head of the Order of Engineers in the North, Mr. Bachir Zok

One Engineering student at the University of Balamand has recently become 5,000,000 LL richer, and that for winning first prize in a competition.

On July 6th , engineering students from universities across north Lebanon had the opportunity to present their innovative creations at the Order of Engineers in North Lebanon during its fifth annual project exhibition.
Around 70 students presented their graduating or final year projects with awards presented for the best five projects in the fields of electrical, civil, mechanical, computer and environmental engineering. 

Engineering students from the University of Balamand claimed first prize for both the electrical and environmental engineering disciplines.

The award for best green project  and the Order of Engineers’ award for best environmental engineering project were presented to environmental engineering student Sobhi Ghaleb for his project on process selection and design of Bishmizzine  wastewater treatment plant. 

Ghaleb worked on his project under the supervision of Dr. Mervat El Hoz and Dr. Nagib Gerges. The project dealt with the process  selection and design of a Beshmezzine township waste water treatment plant and proposed effective new ways to treat the town’s waste water. 

The Order of Engineers’ award for best electrical engineering project went to Balamand’s Kifah Daher for his work on the “Investigation of Transient Stability in a Distribution System with Renewable Energy Integration.” 

Supervised by Dr. Maged Najjar, Daher’s project concentrated on finding more efficient ways to extract maximum power output from solar and wind energy systems by assuring systems stability and allowing Distributed Generations to ride through faults. In other words, by allowing surplus power generated locally by a company, home, or institution to be sent back into the main electrical grid, so that no power is wasted.

Ghaleb was awarded a 5,000,000 LL check, and both Daher and Ghaleb had the $1,000 fee registration to join the Order of Engineers waived. Congratulations to both!

The aim of the Order of Engineers’ exhibition was to promote new ideas that reflect innovative thinking in different engineering disciplines. The students had only ten minutes to present and defend their projects using PowerPoint  and posters – to a supervisory committee and in the presence of a live audience.

Other universities participating in the exhibition were Manar University of Technology (MUT), Notre Dame University (NDU),  Lebanese International University (LIU) and Lebanese University.​​
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