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Information Theory Day

Claude Shannon is a world class scientist, engineer, and inventor. He is for many the father of information theory. For others, he is revered as the father of digital communications. Shannon made outstanding contributions to the world that lead to the institution of the knowledge based society we live in today. In fact, his work has revolutionized the way we communicate. This has earned him the title of “Father of the Digital Era”.


As a part of a world wide effort to commemorate his centenary, IEEE is supporting a number of events on the occasion. The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Balamand is proud to be hosting these celebrations. We will take part in this global initiative by hosting an Information Theory Day on Wednesday the 27th of April 2016 where students from Lebanese high schools, universities, and scientific communities get together to share ideas, learn, and interact. This effort will be dedicated to raise awareness on Shannon’s contributions. It will feature lectures, interactive presentations, games, laboratory tours, and student competitions. To view the program, click here.

For more information:

IEEE Information Theory Society Page

Shannon Bio Page​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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