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Safety is No Accident

Safety is No Accident

On May 15, the Office of Student Affairs commemorated Motorcycle Awareness Month by hosting representatives from Ducati, YASA and Wing Riders who spread awareness about road safety through an open seminar that was followed by a motorcycle parade around campus.

The seminar entitled “Safety is No Accident, Share the Road” included the participation of Colonel Fouad El Khoury representing the Minister of Interior and Municipalities Nouhad Al Machnouk,  Colonel John Rizk,  and Captain Michel Moutran from the Internal Security Forces. It was attended by a large number of faculty members and students.

Elias Chedrawi, from YASA, showcased the role of that organization in safety awareness, saying that traffic accidents happen either because of the driver, the car, or the road, adding that “anyone of them can lead to tragedy.” Nearly a thousand deaths occur annually in Lebanon as a result of traffic accidents, said Mr. Chedrawi.  

Celine Chamat, whose husband passed away in a tragic car accident, said that the way to avoid most accidents was to respect speed and all traffic laws.

Captain Moutran explained that the month of May has been “dedicated for road safety” in memory of the victims of car accidents, calling on all drivers to follow traffic rules, and to abide by simple commonsense and not drink and drive, or use the phone while driving. 

Representing Wing Riders,  Eddy Nehmeh showcased the role of his organization that brings together owners and riders of Honda Gold Wing/Valkyrie motorcycles. Wing Riders, he said, is an association that “fosters safe, enjoyable riding while also working to improve the public image of motorcycling.”  

On behalf of Ducati, Gilbert Khoury emphasized that riding a motorcycle without knowledge of its rules and adherence to traffic regulations may lead to fatal accidents, adding that the Motorcycle Rider’s Education program is intended to make the riding environment safer by reducing injuries and fatalities.  

In short, motorcycles are a lot of fun, but the challenge is to make the experience last through safe driving.
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