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Salah Stetie
Salah Stetie on Poetry

The Department of French Language and Literature recently hosted a seminar by the well-known Lebanese poet Salah Stetie, who talked about the way feelings, sensations and ideas can be brilliantly expressed in poetic form, going on to shed light on the future of poetry.

In her welcoming speech, Dr Emily Fiani praised Mr Stetie’s efforts to instill in people the crucial importance of the poet and his craft in a world where technology reigns supreme. She then introduced him, citing his leading role over several decades in bringing together East and West through the use of both the Arabic and French languages in his poems.

Mr Stetie, for his part, stressed the need always to select precisely the right words, both in poetry and prose. He revealed the power of those words in designating permanencies and conveying sentiments and emotions. He claimed that it was through words that the truest expression of the self could be made.

To conclude the seminar, students discussed the role that inspiration plays in writing while Mr Stetie stated that poetry could elucidate puzzling questions about life, making it imperative that the poetic muse be preserved and constantly renewed.

Salah Stetie

Salah Stetie
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