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Oureiji Launches Modern Arts Virtual Museum Application

Sursock Museum of Culture recently hosted a press conference when the Minister of Culture, Raymond Oureiji, launched the Lebanese Modern Arts Virtual Museum in Beirut and concurrently in Buenos Aires, London, Rome, Paris, and other cities around the world. 

This Modern Arts Museum was developed by The Digital Humanities Center at the University  who  worked on the development of the website, the virtual tour and the mobile application of the Lebanese Virtual Modern Arts Museum launched by the ministry of education.
The director of the project was Dr. Elie Dannaoui, director of the Digital Humanities Center. The 3D modeling was done by the architect Joseph Haddad, lecturer in ALBA Balamand. The development of the app and the virtual tour was done by Michel Chammas, researcher in the digital Humanities center.

The Spanish Ambassador Milagros Hernando participated in the event, as well as the Acting Director-General of Cultural Affairs Ifraz AlHajj, the Director-General of Antiquities Sarkis Khoury, the Director of Digital Humanities at Balamand University Elie Dannaoui, and a number of amateur specialists in the cultural field.

Minister Oureiji welcomed the audience in Sursock Museum with these words: “When I first came into office, I discovered that the Ministry owned a treasure in the form of valuable paintings and sculptures. Regretfully, this had been neglected and poorly conserved, so we have now taken responsibility for this matter at multiple levels. I have always believed in cooperation between the public and private sectors, the latter including universities, organizations, companies, and finally individuals – for culture is the product of many intellectuals and creators. 

He added that those interested in visiting the Virtual Museum could now do so through their Ipad, Iphone, or Android, as well as through a special application offering, among other languages, Spanish. “This is very important,” added Oureiji, “in view of the large Spanish-speaking Lebanese community worldwide, and of our close relations with Spain.” 

The Minister also launched several virtual exhibitions of cultural and artistic items, each in turn lasting three months, the first of which features the paintings of pioneer artist Georges Corm.   

Dr. Elie Dannaoui then explained how visitors could enter the Virtual Museum through the applications via their cell phones. He pointed out that the website of the Museum included detailed analysis of the four hundred paintings on view, as well as information about the artists, all of which was available in Arabic, French, English or Spanish.

The Dean of the Alba Faculty of Art, Andre Bekhazi, then spoke of the role played by the Faculty in establishing the Virtual Museum, which would contribute greatly to the general development of art and culture in Lebanon.
For more information about the Virtual Museum, interested persons should visit the coming website:​

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