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A Fullbright Scholarship to Lea Sacca 

Congratulations to UOB Public Health student Lea Sacca, who has been awarded a Fulbright and a full university scholarship from the University of Texas, at Houston.  She leaves in August to begin a two-year MPH in Health Promotion and Behavioural Sciences and Global Health.

We asked Lea some questions and here’s what she had to say: 

Why Public Health?
I was going to do premed, but my cousin, who is doing medicine at John Hopkins, advised me to do public health as it is a new, booming field with a lot of opportunity. That’s how I started my BS in Public Health and Development Sciences at FHS UOB.   Also, I wanted to help people in my country, many people do not have access to healthcare and drugs. When I did my undergraduate internship at the Ministry of Public Health, I saw how much needs to be done in Lebanon to improve the health of the whole population. Even in the United States, in the degree I am doing there are only 35 in my year. Out of 150 new Fulbright scholarships from all around the world, I am the only one doing Public Health. I think the Fulbright chose me because public health is needed; I am the first public health student in Lebanon to be awarded a Fulbright.

What are you looking forward to?
I am excited about going to the orientation program with the Fulbrighters from all around the world at the University of Delaware. I am also excited about making an impact as a Lebanese. I will have to cook Lebanese food for older people and children as part of my community service in Houston; right now my mum is teaching me how to cook! I really enjoy taking part in club activities and the clubs there are amazing- they hold international conferences and are very active in public health in the community. Plus the degree there offers many opportunities to do research and internships. I want to get as much experience as possible because this is a once in a lifetime experience!!

How do you feel about leaving your family?
It’s hard, but they are being very supportive to help me build a successful future. Hopefully I will come back with a great experience and be able to invest in my country. That’s what I am trying to do!

Any final thoughts for students? 
As public health students at the University, we are special. We have so much knowledge that we can use not only in a profession, but in our lives- it broadens so many possibilities for us.  It felt like a family at the FHS- there are really close bonds between students and instructors, and everyone is friendly and helpful.  I don’t think it’s like that elsewhere, even in America. I really encourage people to do Public Health and to apply to the Fulbright. It’s an amazing field and a chance to do something that is meaningful and needed. 
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