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Leadership VS Management

The Faculty of Business & Management in collaboration with the Municipality of Meziara and Miziara Youth Club organized a lecture on the difference between leadership & management.

Mezyara youth club was the meeting place for our EMBA Director Emile Kanaan. Around 45 participants attended the Leadership VS Management presentation.

This lecture was a great opportunity to nurture the collaboration between the EMBA program and the community, said Mr. Emile Kanaan.

Kanaan presented his subjects highlighting visual photos of great leaders of the past and the present.

He argued that today's work environments require a different approach to management, ensuring that the new manager must have the quality of a leader to grow the organization. He quoted that " the principle of a person dictates his/her behavior and such behavior dictates their actions, and their actions determine the results and the results indicate who is the person is (who we are"). ​​​
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