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Graduation Requirements

Students are advised to check, by themselves and with their respective advisors, that all graduation requirements are fulfilled. Failure to do so may mean a longer period is needed to complete graduation requirements. To graduate with a bachelor’s degree, a student must complete the following:

Residency requirements

  1. A  minimum   of   six   semesters   of   residence   beginning   with   the   sophomore   year,   at   recognized institutions of higher education, provided that at least the final three semesters and forty-five credits are completed at the University of Balamand. Two regular summer sessions are considered equivalent to one semester.
  2. A maximum of ten semesters is allowed for the graduation of students who begin with the sophomore year, and six semesters for those beginning with the junior year. A student who fails to complete a degree within these specified times must petition the Dean for an extension of residence.

Number of credits required
Generally, a minimum of 90 credits for a BA or BS, following the 30 freshman credits, 21 credits for a TD, following the BA or BS.
See departmental regulations for the exact number of credits.

Academic performance required

  1. A passing grade in all courses.
  2. A cumulative general average of 70 or above.
  3. Students already holding a bachelor’s degree who wish to obtain another bachelor’s degree must complete all the requirements of the department for that second degree.

Graduation with Honors

  1. A student achieving a cumulative average of 90 or above will receive his bachelor’s degree with high Distinction.
  2. A student achieving a cumulative average of 85 or above will receive his bachelor’s degree with Distinction.
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