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Office Functions

Academic Calendar:
At the beginning of each academic year, the office of Admissions & registration prepares an academic calendar that shows important dates and deadlines to be respected by the students (i.e, holidays, registration periods, drop periods…)

Admissions & Registration:
The Office of Admissions & Registration acts as a central enquiry for prospective students from Lebanon and around the world who are thinking of applying for a degree at the University of Balamand .  The Office plans, directs and manages all services and programs related to student recruitment, admissions, records and graduation programs.

The Office produces and distributes the Catalogue and a variety of other publications including the Guide for Admissions and the University Application forms.  It handle communications with high schools, orientation program, higher educational fairs, and open door.

Course Offering & Room Assignment:
Every Faculty is entitled to present the courses that will be offered during a given semester. Once the course offering is ready, it is the responsibility of the Office of Admissions & Registration to assign lecture halls for different sections of the courses.

Final Exam Schedule:
The final exam schedule is prepared by the Office of Admissions & Registration; each course is assigned a date for the final exam during the last week of each semester, taking into consideration that no student has more than 2 final exams per day.

Final Grades:
The Office of Admissions & Registration collects the final grades from all faculties and processes them to be posted online to all students.

Orientation Campaign:
Student recruitment is a major task of the Office of Admissions & Registration. To accomplish this mission the office sets a yearly plan that includes visits to schools all over Lebanon and the Arab world; in addition to participation in many prominent career fairs and educational exhibitions in Lebanon and the region including Cyprus, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain….

Certificates, Diplomas & Transcripts:
Upon request from students the Office of Admissions & Registration issues certificates and transcripts. Diplomas are issued, once, upon graduation.A Student may ask a third party to pick up the requested documents by completing the following form "Document Release Form".

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