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Registration at the appointed time is required of all students in accordance with announced procedures and regulations.  Late registration is subject to a late registration fee.
New students must make sure that clearance for admission, as specified in the Letter of Admission, is made at the Office of Admissions and Registration before proceeding to registration.  Identification cards are issued to all students upon completion of registration.

Passports and Visas

Foreign students need to have passports that are valid for at least one year from the date of their joining the University.  They should secure an entry visa to Lebanon from the Lebanese embassy or consulate in their home country. The Office of Admissions and Registration provides the necessary documents for admitted and registered foreign students to acquire Lebanese official residence permits.

NATIONAL Social Security FUND (NSSF) Medical Branch

(Applicable to Lebanese students only) To facilitate enrollment in the NSSF medical branch, Lebanese students, whose membership in the NSSF is mandatory, must have the following items with them at registration:

                1. A duly completed social security application form (this form will be distributed at the time of  registration).

                2.  A photocopy of the Lebanese identity card or family record.

                3.  The NSSF number (if already registered).

                4.  The NSSF number of either parent.

                5.  30% of the legal minimum salary as a fee for the year.

Medical Record

1. The Entrance Medical Record Form is sent only to new students who have already been accepted for admission to the University.  It should be completed by the student's family physician and returned at the specified date. Information will be kept confidential.

2. Upon satisfactory clearance of the student's medical record by the University physician, the student receives a clearance slip to proceed with registration. Students submitting the medical record later than one week prior to the announced date of registration will be charged an additional fee. Continuing students are not required to complete medical forms.

Payment of Fees

1. Fees must be paid in full at registration every semester. Deferred payments will only be agreed to under specific circumstances and must be arranged before registration.

2. Students who fail to honor a deferred payment arrangement forfeit the right to apply for deferred payment arrangements in future semesters.  The Student's Accounts Office will notify the Office of Admissions and Registration to withhold grades, future registration privileges, transcripts, diplomas, and other academic information until the account is settled.

change of Major

1. Students wishing to transfer from one major to another within any Faculty or from one Faculty to another may do so only after they have completed at least one semester of work in their current majors.

2. The transfer request should be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Registration during the month of November for the following spring semester and during the first half of the month of August for the Fall semester.
3. A student may change his/her major twice in the same Faculty.

4. A student requesting to shift to another major may stay in his Faculty as a majorless student for one semester only.  (A summer session in which the student registers for 6 credits or more is counted as one regular semester.)

5. The departments concerned and the Admissions Committee of the Faculty concerned must approve all transfers. Students are required to submit a transcript of grades with their petition for transfer.

Names on Diplomas and Degrees

1. Names on degrees and diplomas will be spelled exactly as they appear on passports or identity cards. Lebanese law requires Lebanese students to write their first name, father's name, and family name in that order.

2. Names on the University of Balamand degrees and diplomas appear in Arabic and in English or French. If a name on a passport or an identity card does not appear in any of these languages, the name will be spelled on the University of Balamand degrees and diplomas according to the personal preference of the student concerned. ​
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