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Information for Undergraduate Students

Please refer to “Academic Offerings” .

The University of Balamand offers an Intensive Language Program and a Remedial Program that prepare students for the language aptitude entrance examinations required by the different departments at the University.

Failure to meet language requirements set by the University may place a student in the Intensive Language Program. This Program helps students improve their language ability. A student has a period of one year to fulfill the language requirements to join the regular program; otherwise he/she has to reapply to the University.

The Remedial Program is designed to prepare students who completed their  secondary education outside Lebanon and those who obtained the appropriate technical baccalaureate for the entrance examinations set by the University. Cases are studied individually and acceptances are issued upon the recommendation of the Admissions Committee. A student has a period of one year to finish this program. At the end of this year he/she must retake the required entrance examinations.

An individual file is prepared for every applicant at the Office of Admissions and Registration. It includes:
1. An application for admission.
2. A copy of the pre-university certificate or diploma required for admission.
3. A report of the applicant's grades for the last three years of schooling, including average and rank in class.
4. A photocopy of the applicant's identity card or passport and two passport size photographs.
5. Scores of the entrance examinations

The following fees are due with the application:

1. A non-refundable application fee of 120,000. L.L.
2. Non-refundable entrance examination fees in L.L.
       The attention of applicants is drawn to the following:

1. Applicants, regardless of the outcome of the application process, may reclaim none of the documents mentioned above.
2. An application is valid only for the academic year for which a student has applied.
3. The name of the applicant will be recorded in University files as it appears on his/her identity card or passport.


Criteria and Admission Procedure
The criteria for acceptance are the entrance examinations given by the University, the secondary-school grades, and the rank in class.
Priority of admission is generally given to the best-qualified applicants.

Students who are academically admissible but who fail to meet the University’s language proficiency requirements set by the University may be placed in the University Orientation Program (UOP) for intensive language study.

1. General
All interested applicants must complete the University application for admission and include a non-refundable application fee of L.L. 120,000.  The Office of Admissions and Registration will notify applicants of the decision of the Admissions Committee on the scheduled dates. Newly accepted applicants who fail to register during the scheduled registration period(s) of the coming academic year will lose their right to admission.

2. Readmission
Students in good standing who withdraw from the University voluntarily and who subsequently seek to return will be granted automatic readmission to their former program provided that their return takes place not later than four regular semesters from the end of the session in which withdrawal took place.

3. Required Entrance Examinations
The University administers the following examinations:
3.1 Foreign Language Examinations
Candidates must demonstrate a level of English and/or French language proficiency consistent with the requirements of their program of study. To ascertain this proficiency, the candidate must pass the French and/or English Entrance Examination as required by the concerned Faculty. The examination includes:

                a. An objective section testing general linguistic knowledge,
                b. An essay testing written expression.

The Admissions Committee sets the minimum department scores required for admission. The Admissions Committee also decides on the language program that is needed to meet the required language proficiency level.

3.2 General Examinations
First year applicants must pass the general examination required by each Faculty.

4. Admission of Lebanese students
Lebanese applicants should hold the Lebanese Baccalaureate or its equivalent, as recognized by the Lebanese Ministry of Education. The Baccalaureate, or its equivalent, enables its holders to apply to the Sophomore year in the University.
There are four different types of Baccalaureates: Philosophy, Mathematics, Experimental Sciences, and Technical.
The Philosophy Baccalaureate generally admits students to the Arts and Social Sciences programs and to Decorative Arts programs. However, holders of Philosophy applying for Business Administration must pass an entrance examination in Mathematics in addition to the other general examinations required by the University.
The Mathematics and Experimental Sciences Baccalaureate admit students to Arts and Social Sciences, Business Administration, Sciences, Engineering, and Technology.
The Technical Baccalaureate admits students to programs similar in nature to the technical certificate. Admission of applicants is contingent upon their passing the required entrance examinations of the University.

5. Admission of Non-Lebanese Students
Non-Lebanese applicants must hold a secondary school certificate awarded either by government or private schools and be recognized by the Lebanese Ministry of Education as equivalent to the Lebanese Baccalaureate in order to apply for the Sophomore Class. To join the Freshman Class, refer to Special Programs. Admission is contingent on passing the required entrance examinations of the University.

6. Admission of Transfer Students
(See requirements of appropriate Faculty). ​​​​​​​​
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