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The Faculty of Engineering is one of the fastest growing schools at the University of Balamand . It now has 1179 students in 2013 pursuing studies in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering and chemical Engineering. It has 26 full-time professors and about 30 part-timers. Demand for enrollment has outstripped the initial planned capacity of the Faculty of Engineering, putting high pressure on all facilities and the teaching staff. In view of continuing demand, the Faculty of Engineering is expecting continued increase in student enrollment in the academic year 2013. The Faculty is focusing its efforts on maintaining the high quality of education, and opening up essential new fields.

Over the next three years, the academic plan of the Faculty of Engineering calls for enriching course offerings in the existing departments, developing its laboratory and equipment facilities, strengthening its human resources through training and continuous evaluation, and expanding its research function at the duate level in cooperation with civil society organizations. The Faculty of Engineering is keen on encouraging links, during the coming three years, with other disciplines at UOB, particularly the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of HeaIth Sciences and the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA).

The Faculty of Engineering is also taking the lead in three important projects in association with other faculties at the University. These are the Center for Information Technology, the Institute for the Environment, and the Technopole.The Technopole is intended to promote applied research and transfer of technology to the production and service sectors in response to market needs. In addition, plans have been finalized to establish the Institute of Technology at the University. This will eventually become an independent institute dedicated to advanced technological studies in cooperation with universities, advanced technical institutions, and the private sector.

Space at the current facilities of the Faculty of Engineering is no longer sufficient. There is need for additional space for classrooms, faculty rooms, laboratories, workshops and conference facilities. A new building for Chemical Engineering is under construction.

To fulfill these plans and continue to serve the community and the region with excellence, the University of Balamand is seeking additional funding for the Faculty of Engineering. In addition to capital funding for buildings and grounds, below is a listing of the areas for which funding is being sought over the coming years.

1. Laboratories and Equipment
2. Research, workshops, publications
3. Merit Scholarships and Student Assistantships
4. Curriculum Development and Course Enrichment
5. New Initiatives in Technology
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