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Institute of Environment

The Faculty of Sciences at the University of Balamand currently has more than 373 students following studies in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science and Computer Science and Information Technology. The faculty offers a program for pre-Medical Studies and a Teaching Diploma in Applied Sciences.

Under the University's academic plan, the Faculty of Sciences has begun enriching its course offerings in Physics and Environmental Science, and modifying and enriching its courses in Biology and Chemistry particularly in conjunction with new developments and requirements for Medical Studies. In addition to the currently offered M.S. Degree in Computer Science, it is planned that M.S. Degrees will be offered in all the science fields. Apart from its strong links with the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Sciences has also initiated strong cooperation with other faculties such as the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Business and Management. At the same time, and as part of the continuing effort to strengthen its academic work, the Faculty intends to initiate a program of links and exchange with other universities, particularly in Europe and the United States. To fulfill these objectives, and accommodate the rapid increase in demand for enrollment, the Faculty needs to increase the number of full-time faculty members, strengthen the research element at postgraduate level, expand its laboratory facilities in all fields, and make more space available for classrooms, meeting rooms and faculty offices.

Additional funding is needed over the coming years in the areas listed below.

1. Scholarships and Student Assistantships
2. Faculty Support
3. Upgrading laboratory facilities
4. Research
5. Linkages with universities and science institutions
6. Space improvement
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