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Institute of History, Archaeology
and Near Eastern Studies

The Institute of History, Archaeology and Near Eastern Studies at the University of Balamand conducts research and studies on the Near Eastern heritage, and on the very rich history and interaction of the Antiochian Orthodox Church through its churches and institutions in the region. It draws on thousands of ancient books, manuscripts, records and artifacts, some in its own archives, and others in the archives of the Monastery of Balamand, the School of Theology , and the archives of churches, monasteries and other institutions in Lebanon and neighboring countries. The Institute offers post graduate studies in Near Eastern Studies leading to a Master's Degree from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

The Institute has done remarkable work in preserving ancient documents and artifacts, indexing them, and translating some of the documents to English and French for the use of academics and researchers in this area of study. Research is an essential aspect of the work of the Institute. Recently it has been conducting original research based on the archives of legal documents found in Damascus , Beirut , Tripoli and Aleppo pertaining to the Mamluk and Ottoman periods. The institute's outreach program is wide-ranging in contacts and relations with other Lebanese universities as well as overseas organizations like the German Institute for Oriental Studies, The French Institute of the Near East , and the Near Eastern School of Theology. Through these and other relations, the Institute of History, Archeology and Near Eastern Studies at the University of Balamand has functioned as a resource and focal point for historians theologians, sociologists, archeological and other academics interested in the region, drawing visitors from different parts of the world.

The Institute plans, subject to the availability of resources, to increase the number of graduate students doing research, host visiting scholars, and conduct studies, workshops and conferences in cooperation with similar institutions from the region and overseas. It also seeks assistance to preserve and safeguard its manuscripts and liturgical artifacts and to organize exhibits of them both locally and abroad. These activities provide substantive material for publication in print and electronically.

The University of Balamand is seeking additional funding for the Institute over the coming years in the areas listed below:

1. Scholarships and Student Assistantships
2. Visiting Scholars
3. Library Enrichment
4. Workshops, Conferences, Publications
5. Preservation of materials and exhibits
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