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Professional Development/Training

The University of Balamand growth should be accompanied with a similar growth in its administrative bodies. UOB employees should participate in any useful programs to develop their skills.

The University's most valuable resource is its people, and excellence can be achieved when people have the skills and motivation to extend themselves to the best of their ability. The Human Resources Development function is dedicated to continuously offer opportunities to develop skills and talents of people and keep the University community motivated, individually and collectively.

Development services focus on identifying areas and developing programs, processes and services that support, facilitate and enhance the work of staff for greater satisfaction, effectiveness and efficiency. It is a shared work in consultation with the University Administration, Deans and Directors to identify areas and issues of priority needs, and conduct research, surveys and studies leading to proposals for action. Since the University services students, development services will include studies and surveys among students to find out about areas of perceived needs and ways to address them.

The Human Resources will consult with and draw on the capabilities of the various Faculties and call on faculty members to help in fulfilling the HRD functions in the spirit of the Master Plan.


The University supports training designed to meet the mutual needs of the individual and the University. It is dedicated to providing the highest quality learning opportunities to individuals and teams that will ultimately result in optimized job performance, organizational effectiveness, and personal motivation. All Faculties and Directorates share a responsibility for the training and development of its human resources.

Currently, full time staff with at least one year of service are encouraged to further their knowledge and interests by taking one University offered course free of charge per semester. For more information, see the Staff Education Policy (Link).

Additionally, the University facilitates participation of staff in courses, workshops, conferences and seminars in Lebanon and abroad according to the mutual needs of the staff member and the University, and on a case by case basis.

As part of the broader field of human resource development, training opportunities, in the context of quality management, will be offered to create and maintain a healthy and growing program. Special training may focus on improving processes, services, or a particular area or level of productivity and performance. It may also be through a facilitated seminar or meeting, such as a retreat, brainstorming session, or training seminar, which addresses the focus of work. It is planned to offer training in the following fields:
  • Orientation Workshop for New Employees: Designed to introduce new employees to life, work, services and benefits at the University of Balamand. It will be offered to all new employees.
  • Performance Management: Leadership skills, team building, managing performance and performance review processes, effective supervision, motivation, delegation, time management, conflict resolution.
  • Managing Change: Behavior and communications styles for effective management; negotiating skills; on the job coaching/mentoring techniques.
  • Self-Learning Packages on Line: Additionally, a set of on-line self learning packages will be identified and made accessible to staff.

New employees can go under extensive training to support their rolls.

Training can include

     -  IT Technology Training
     -  Finance
     -  Research Administration
     -  Environmental Health and Safety
     -  Continuing Education, in addition to any professional development.

     Courses, programs and conferences are offered all through the year and UOB encourage staff to enroll in.

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