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For Faculty

A. Information Note on Health Insurance for Full time Faculty
B. Educational Allowances
C. End of Service Indemnity

A. Information Note on Health Insurance for Full time Faculty

(This is an informal information note for easy reference. It combines elements from the hospital and outpatient care policies as well as additional provisions agreed with the current private provider. For official use, please refer to the policy texts and agreements which are available with the Comptroller)

All full-time faculty at the University are automatically covered by a limited health insurance policy which has a ceiling of $3,500 for semi private hospitalization. Faculty members do not pay for this policy and some consider it sufficient. However, the University, under a group agreement with a private provider, Fidelity Insurance, offers a more elaborate health insurance plan which is substantively subsidized by the University and co-paid by the staff member. The University encourages staff to apply and become members of the University’s group health insurance plan. Family members can be covered by this insurance for an additional premium which is also subsidized by the University.
Cost: Cost varies depending on the staff member’s age and health condition. For example, the cost for a healthy young person is about $540 per annum for first class, of which the University pays nearly half. Calculations differ for each individual.
Coverage: This is an un-official summary for easy perusal. The official text is available upon request.
In-Hospital Care:
1st Class limit up to $300,000 per annum
2nd Class limit up to $200,000 per annum
3rd Class limit up to $100,000 per annum
Major hospitals in Lebanon participate in the Plan. There is an additional premium for the Medical Center of the American University of Beirut .

Covers treatment of medical conditions that cannot be treated on an out-patient basis and requiring at least an overnight stay, all surgical and endoscopic procedures of covered medical conditions that do not require an overnight stay, and emergency treatment.

For medical conditions excluded from coverage, please read the official text.

Out-Patient care
The patient pays 10% of each and every claim.

Diagnostic Tests: Radiology, CT-Scan, MRI, Ultrasound, Laboratory tests, Nuclear Medicine tests, EEG, ECG, Electromyogram, Audiogram, Stress test, Evoked Nerve Response, Ocular Angiography, Mammography

Treatment: Laser therapy, Physiotherapy, Kinesotherapy, Radiotherapy

Doctor’s Visits
Physician’s fees relating to the necessary interpretation of technically specialized tests are covered providing that they are conducted by the same facilities that implemented the tests.

Additionally, 10 doctor’s visits are covered annually, each at 85%, with a maximum of $50 per visit. 

B. Educational Allowances

Up to four children of full time faculty in the basic ranks (professor, associate professor, assistant professor) studying in Lebanon at pre-university levels are entitled to a school allowance the amount of which is determined annually by the Board of Trustees. Up to four children of full-time faculty in the basic ranks studying at the University of Balamand are exempted from tuition fees. In case one child is studying at another university, an education allowance will be determined by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees.

C. End of Service Indemnity

Full time faculty members receive severance pay at the end of service calculated annually on the basis of 10% of basic salary, plus accrued interest.

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