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Lab Policies

Every student in the University will be provided with many services but under many policies.

Authentication and Accounts:

Every student in the university must authenticate himself/herself to log-on to any computer. Therefore, every student in the University has an Account on the Domain "UOB.EDU.LB"

Storage Quota:

  • Every Student has a folder located in the main File Server. He can access it from any available computer in the University. This folder is limited by a quota defined depending on his major.
    My Documents and Desktop are the two folders to be accessed from the server.
  • For Privacy reasons, this folder is accessed only by the user himself and never by the administrator. But every user can authorize others to access his files for reading only, writing or moving...

Printing Quota:

This policy is to be applied in all units that provide printing services on‐campus, listed through the following link:
  • Each student has a preset quota of 600 papers at the beginning of every semester. ​(This quota is not transferable through the semesters.
  • Once the quota expires, additional credits can be purchased as below:
    • Students with IBL accounts can use the POS installed in the computer labs and at the Library.
    • Students without IBL accounts should fill out a form with the computer lab supervisor, pay the fees at the Comptroller’s Office , then submit the receipt at the IT System Unit (SU) to increase the quota.
    • 1 Black and White print out = L.L.50 (Double sided print outs counts as 2 = L.L.100).
    • 1 Colored print out = 4 Black and White print out = L.L.200
    • In case of printer’s malfunction or low ink, papers lost are refilled for free, with the lab supervisor approval.

Internet Use:

  • The Students of the University of Balamand have internet facilities; therefore all the labs are connected to the internet.
    In each lab, there is a limited number of computers connected to the internet for research and projects use.
  • Students are not allowed to change any internet configuration or settings.
  • Many important links such as Library links have been added to the students' favorites because they can't add or remove any link from the favorites.
  • Students are not allowed to download software from the internet. Exceptions can be made for special research or Projects.

Computers policies

Many policies are applied to all computers in order to assure the functionality of all these Computers. For example, students are restricted from doing many things; below you will see an abbreviate list of forbidden commands:
  • Run any strange software
  • Accessing any drive.
  • Playing Windows Game or any other games.
  • Changing any configuration, properties, or setting to the O.S ,any Software, or printer.
  • Trying to create new users locally, Changing IP Address, DNS, Subnets…
  • Surfing the internal Network.
  • Installing software.
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