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  1. Space Allocation
    The P&CS Office is responsible for campus office and storage space allocation and management. The office also takes care of office and lab furnishing. Since the University has witnessed accelerated growth in the past few years, space has become scarce. Nevertheless, new buildings rising on campus are compensating for the new requirements.

  2. Store & Office Supplies
    The P&CS Office maintains a supply store that caters for most of University office supply needs. In charge of the store is Mr. Jamal Ghanem.

  3. Purchasing and Contracts
    The P&CS Office is in charge of campus purchasing. All University contracts are maintained by the office. A list of qualified companies in kept on file for bidding purposes. Bidders are required to submit offers in closed envelope to the Office. The Bidding Committee meets regularly to open the bidding documents and make appropriate decisions based on University requirements.
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