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Statement of Policy

The University of Balamand is committed to the concept of total student development – social, intellectual, physical, emotional, and moral. The curricular and extracurricular programs of the University offer students a wide variety of beliefs, opinions and ideas in an atmosphere of openness that should not impair the spirit of the University and/or the surrounding community. The programs and activities developed and implemented by the Office of Student Affairs are intended to improve the quality of life at the University and to meet the University’s goal of total student development.

The Office of Student Affairs is located in the students' Activity Center (Zakhem Building), first floor, Room 118.

University Policies for Students

The Student Handbook [PDF] 
In enrolling in the University of Balamand, students accept the rules and regulations of the University in general and the rules and regulations in the Student Handbook, in particular. While the University Catalogue defines most of the rules governing University academic life, the University, and the Faculties as well may be issuing new policies on a continuing basis. Students are advised to consult with the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) as they are responsible in compliance with them. The University may reproduce or modify this handbook. As a result, students should consult with the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and obtain an updated copy of this handbook at the beginning of each academic year.


 Student's Circulation on Campus [PDF]

It is the philosophy of the University of Balamand to provide safety, comfort and support to students during their enrollment at the university. For this purpose, Policies and Regulations for Student's Circulation On- Campus is provided. It is important that each student become familiar with these policies and regulations, comply with them and be fully cooperative with concerned university officials.


University Policy on Harassment [PDF] 


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