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The Counseling Center

Message from the Counseling Center team:
Welcome to UOB, hoping that you have a successful academic year and an interesting University experience.Life at University is well known to be a main factor in shaping one's personality. Individuals at this stage are exposed to diverse aspects of life and they are expected to make choices. It is during this period that they learn about human differences and how to accept them. They face challenges, practice decision making and develop self-planning skills.
Students at UOB come from different regions and various nationalities. That makes it a wonderful cultural experience for all of you, and an interesting chance to learn about people differences. You are encouraged to socialize and try to benefit from this enriching exposure and what it can offer to one's self-development.

The Counseling Center will be addressing different topics of common interest such as time management, planning skills, exam anxiety, the importance of extracurricular activities, social integration, etc..You are strongly encouraged to participate, take part and play an active role throughout your University years.

You are now a member of the Balamand family be proud to belong and participate in creating a warm and friendly atmosphere that would best reflect your UOB spirit.
Feel free to contact us in case you need assistance or guidance in any issue that might cross your way throughout the year.
Mission Statement:
The Counseling Center at the University of Balamand is committed to providing a broad range of high quality services that address the social, educational and emotional development needs of its students. It will constantly seek to ensure that every student benefits from the university experience in order to discover the better person in him.
- Ensure the balance between freedom and responsibilities.
- Ensure the balance between social opportunities and social realities.
- Help students succeed academically and socially.
- Help individuals understand difficult emotions and overcome hard situations.

Contact Us:
Rola Jadayel,
Assistant Dean, Office of Student Affairs and
Lecturer, Mathematics department, Faculty of
Sciences University of Balamand
Tel: 06 930250 (Ext: 3937)

Dr Jocelyne Azar
Psychotherapist, Office of Student Affairs,
University of Balamand
Tel: 06 930250 (Ext:3939)

Florence Tawk
Student Counselor, Office of Student Affairs,
University of Balamand
Tel: 06930250 (ext:3939)

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