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Khairallah MLS 2008

Halim Khairallah
Medical Laboratory Sciences, Class of 2008


Halim Khairallah grew up in Cornet Chehwan, Lebanon where he obtained a Baccalaureate Certificate in Life Sciences from Saint Joseph School along with a curiosity for biology and the human body. He was also fascinated by the rapidly evolving technology space- tapes to CD’s, floppy disks to CD’s, desktop computers to laptops, etc… Both of these interests made his career choice more difficult when it was time to choose between Medicine and Computer Science. The turning point was when his grandmother got sick– whenever he wanted updates on her condition, the answer was always: “doctors are waiting for the lab results to determine to cause.”

Halim wanted to play a vital role in people’s health, and decided to pursue a major in Medical Laboratory Science. Shortly after, he attended a career fair where he learned about the Medical Laboratory Sciences program at the University of Balamand, and the rest is history. During his time as an undergraduate at UoB, the Molecular Biology course taught by Dr. Elias Chalhoub caught his attention– he wanted to dig deeper into the roots of science and personalized medicine.

Once he graduated, Halim moved to Montreal, Canada, where he enrolled in a Masters of Science in Human Genetics at McGill University. Halim’s ambitions allowed him to further his career by completing courses in Business Administration. The time came for Halim to start a new chapter in Toronto where he currently works as Operations Manager, Customer Accounts and Quality Assurance at Benetech Inc., a clinical software company.

We "sat down" with Halim (virtually!) and had a super enlightening Take 10 conversation with him about his time at Balamand, his career, and lessons learned. Enjoy!

ONA: What do you miss about Lebanon?
HK: I miss the adventure of living in Lebanon, but most of all I miss my family and friends.

ONA: Tell us a little more about what you do. 
HK: As operations manager at Benetech Inc., my day to day activities focus mainly on customer accounts and quality assurance. I love having the chance to mix my science and business backgrounds through my tasks in R&D and business development. My goals are to help maintain our positive customer satisfaction, the company and its products’ strong reputation. One of my current projects is expanding our business by introducing our products in Lebanon and the Middle East.

ONA: Tell us about your career path that led to what you do today. 
HK: My career path was an alternative one. I always saw myself as a lead investigator at a research laboratory. As I was completing my graduate degree, I realized that this was not the lifestyle I wanted. Therefore, I decided to combine my science and business backgrounds which encouraged my move to Toronto.

ONA: What are your most proud of in terms of your accomplishments?
HK: Some of the experiences I’m most proud of is having served as President of the Lebanese Student Association at McGill University, and having worked and studied full time during my undergraduate degree at UoB. Also, DJ-ing in Lebanon and Canada has been an awesome experience.

Halim is also the proud recipient of the Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship, as well as the Canadian Institute of Health and Research (CIHR) & Lebanese Canadian Heritage Association scholarships.

ONA: Can you share with us the best career advice you have received in the past?
HK: “Follow your gut and your goal. If you fail, at least you tried”

ONA: Looking back, how do you feel your time at UoB has helped you in getting to where you are today, and in being great at what you do?
HK: The competitive program allowed me to challenge myself. The supportive instructors encouraged me to aim even higher.

ONA: What would you say have been the highlights of your time at Balamand?
HK: Some highlights include: the diversity of students and student clubs, the balcony with the sea/port view at the FHS Achrafieh campus, and of course the famous table tennis in the lounge!

ONA: Any specific memories you’d like to share, or people who have made an impact on you along the way?
One particular experience, which was eye opening for me, is the Service Experience: Education through Doing (SEED) program, which I took as an extra credit for the Sociology course (taught by Dr. Laurie Abi Habib). Along with 5 other classmates from different majors, I had the opportunity to assist, and learn from, SESOBEL instructors in their work and interactions with people with disabilities. I strongly recommend that students take this course, as they would be exposed to a completely different learning environment as compared to their major courses.

As for individuals who have influenced me along the way:  

  • Dr. Laila Kobrossy, who encouraged me to pursue my goal of completing my Masters degree in Canada. I will never forget her support and words of encouragement.
  • Dr. Elias Chalhoub, who taught me my first class in Molecular Biology, which peaked my interest in the field. The theory learnt in his class during my undergraduate degree was easily put into practice during my Masters degree.
  • Dr. Nadim Karam, who encouraged me to always aim higher and never forget my roots.

ONA: What advice would you give to current UoB students in general, and to Medical Laboratory Sciences majors in specific?
HK: Be curious, organized and motivated. Do not be afraid to take on new challenges, if you fail at least you tried and learned something new.

ONA: Finally, what are the major milestones you’d love to reach/accomplish in life, both on the professional and personal levels?
HK: I would love to continue taking on new challenges and becoming a leader in the quality assurance and control fields. I also hope that one of my achievements would bring a positive impact to Lebanon and Canada.

Thank you, Halim! Good luck in all your future endeavors, and please continue to make us proud. ​​

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