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Sasy Salloum, MBA
(B.B.A) Business Administration, Class of 2012
Human Resources Intern, United Nations Women HQ, New York

Sasy was born and raised in Syria before she joined UOB as an undergraduate student at the Faculty of Business in 2008. After graduating from UOB, Sasy became an active volunteer back home and served as a Program Assistant with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent for two mobile clinical projects at multiple refugee camps inside Syria. Both programs were funded by the International Committee of Red Cross and United Nations Population Fund. 

Sasy is a person who is passionate about human efforts in the non-profit world, diversity, and the power of both cultural exposure and education in inspiring societies. She is a recent MBA graduate from Roosevelt University Chicago with an emphasis on human resources. Currently, Sasy is HR Recruitment Intern with the Women Empowerment and Gender Equality Program of United Nations in New York Headquarters, or as known United Nations Women.

Thank you for joining us for Take 10! Tell us a little about yourself.
I grew up in the city of Tartous, Syria, before moving to Lebanon for undergraduate education, and at a later stage to the U.S to start my graduate school. The great experience of living in different countries has influenced me in adding up new horizons to my personal perspectives, and in changing the way I see other human beings.

What inspires you?
My life inspiration has been and will always be my hardworking parents and infinite supporters who taught me to cherish education and all career achievements.
What do you miss most about home?
The Mediterranean summer spirit that I couldn’t find anywhere, the REAL Syrian-Lebanese food, and of course family and friends who are now spread all over the globe after the crisis started back home.
Tell us a little more about what you do at UN Women.
I joined UN Women as a Human Resources Intern this summer to work on recruitment projects that are related to the internship programs and facilitate the entire process. Part of my tasks is providing support to the recruitment team on the ongoing projects of the department, and to be part of the day-to-day recruitment work. What I really like about this opportunity is the great exposure I have to a variety of tasks within the HR profession, and the amazing diverse work culture I am surrounded by in the beautiful city of New York.

Did you have a relatively straightforward or alternative educational path, and what have you learned along the way?
I would say I had a clear path although I never imagined myself to be a part of the non-profit world. Being a business major was significantly helpful in introducing me to variety of courses related to different fields, and from there I focused more on areas that interested me the most along the way; such as human resources and management issues. 

Of course, working in the non-profit field during the crisis in Syria had a huge effect on integrating my academic background with a work setting that seeks impact in the lives of people which is something I always wanted to do.

What are you most proud of?
It feels amazing when you see how the effort you put paid off the hard work. I had zero connections in the field when I moved to the States, and it was very difficult to start from somewhere, but I knew I had the courage to do whatever it takes, and I was able to make it and make great steps on my career ladder. On the personal level, it made me believe more in my abilities and enjoy accomplishments no matter how small or big they are as long as it is the outcome of my personal effort.

Can you share with us the best career advice you have received in the past?
One of my simple favorites: “You can’t accomplish what you don’t start”. In the stressful career life, starting from somewhere is the hardest part, but once you start, you got your path for infinite achievements.

Looking back, how do you feel your time at UOB has helped you in getting to where you are today?
UOB was one of the greatest experiences in my life, and I owe it to the amazing business faculty professors who were always there to support and advise. My business degree allowed me to build up a solid academic base that actually maximized my options of pursuing higher education, and getting internships in great fields of my interest.

Being a student worker at the Career Services Center during my years at Balamand equipped me with a valuable knowledge on recruitment and career development that are currently major parts of my work responsibilities in Human Resources.

What would you say have been the highlights of your time at Balamand?  
UOB years were just unforgettable! The faculty of business was something very special to me; with the endless breaks at the triangle garden, the people that I met, and all the lifetime friendships that I made. I wouldn’t forget the good times living on campus or hanging around the amazing green field. Every single detail is just precious.
What advice would you give to current UOB students?​
Enjoy your time at Balamand as much as you can, the beautiful campus is just a great perk in your education package; it is probably one of the things that you will miss the most when you walk away. 

Business students who are going to crush the market soon-- don’t ever be brought down with unsuccessful job hunting. The process is very stressful and painful, keep up the positive spirit with the hard work; and something will definitely work out.
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