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Spanish Ambassador’s Visit to Balamand

On February 13, Her Excellency Milagros Hernando, Spanish Ambassador to Lebanon, visited the University of Balamand and met with President Elie Salem, in the presence of Vice President Georges Nahas, Deans Georges Dorlian, Tony Gergess, Walid Moubayed and Karim Nasr, and Spanish-speaking Faculty members. The visit was part of Her Excellency’s ongoing collaboration with major universities in Lebanon.

President Salem expressed the University’s interest in sustaining a continuous and durable collaboration with Spain on various cultural and educational levels. Ms. Hernando said that one of the Embassy’s mission is to create networks within the Lebanese society, and the University of Balamand, as one of the leading universities in Lebanon, is the place to initiate such cooperation. This would include the exchange of students and professors with universities in Spain.

The President briefed her on the University and its mission, and the Ambassador briefed the University team on the political situation in Spain, and offered a fascinating short survey of the major cultural and literary developments that have taken place in Spain since the 19th Century.

The meeting was followed by a luncheon at Salem House on Campus.

Additional Land Grant to Souk El-Gharb Campus

On February 11, President Elie Salem signed a document by virtue of which Mr. Walid Junblat granted two more lots of 2,000m2 and 1,300 m2 to the University. This grant will facilitate and broaden the entrance to the University Souk El-Gharb Campus located on a lot of 48,000m2 granted earlier by Mr. Junblat to the University. The signing took place in the University of Balamand Office in Beirut in the presence of Trustee Anis Nassar and Dean Camille Nassar. Mr. Nassar was the leading figure behind the building of a Campus in Souk El-Gharb in collaboration with Mr. Walid Junblat. The Academic Program at the Souk El-Gharb Campus will start in October 2014. An opening ceremony is planned.

Meeting with Tripoli’s Leading Figures

President Elie Salem held a meeting in his office on February 10 of leading figures from Tripoli and the University. The purpose of the meeting was to prepare a Reconstruction and Rehabilitation plan for Tripoli to be submitted to those concerned when the political-security situation permits.
This initiative on Tripoli, said Dr. Salem, “follows our humble contribution in preparing a major book on Tripoli showing the religious, historical, and aesthetic sites of this ancient city.” The book has become a precious gift to those interested in Lebanon and its cultural legacy.
The need for the University of Balamand to focus on Tripoli is urgent, said Dr. Salem, “as we need to work as of now to collect relevant data and consider various models if we are to make a credible contribution to the city.” ​​​​​​​​​​​​
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