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President's Profile

Dr. Elie A. Salem
President Salem ProfileIn 1974 Dr. Salem was appointed by AUB's Board of Trustees Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.  In 1982, and in the wake of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, he was asked to serve as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs.  When the Cabinet changed in 1984 he continued to serve as Special Advisor to the President of the Republic on Foreign Affairs.   These were critical years in the history of Lebanon that necessitated intensive diplomatic relations with Syria, the United States, France, and the Arab Countries, and particularly with the Palestinians.
He played a catalyst role in the preparation of the document that was intensely debated by the Lebanese Parliament meeting in Taïf, Saudi Arabia and became known as the Taïf Agreement.
Dr. Salem chronicled the events of the 1980s in a book that became the scholarly reference on that period.
Immediately after he left politics in 1988 he founded a think tank, the first of its kind in Lebanon.  It was called the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies.  The Center held conferences, published papers, and prepared material on political and legal reform and on civics.  Since he joined the University.  In 1993, he ceased all political activities, but continued to address national issues always from the platform of the University.
In addition to hundreds of speeches and articles, he wrote the following books:
  1. The political theory and institutions of the Khawarij
    (The Johns Hopkins University Press, (1956) Baltimore, Maryland)
    This was a PhD. Thesis, as he did work on Islamic studies within his academic discipline of political philosophy.

  2. Modernization without Revolution 
    (Lebanon 1943-1970)
    (Indiana University Press, (1973) Bloomington, Indiana)
    The book was written when on sabbatical at Indiana University. The book showed the progress made in a democratic pluralistic country before the troubles of the mid-1970s.

  3. The Rules and Regulations of the Abbasid Court
    (Translation, editing, annotation and introduction of an 11th Century. Arabic manuscript, The American University of Beirut Press, (1977) Beirut, Lebanon)
    This is an important Islamic manuscript that is annotated and translated over a 12-year period.

  4. Violence and diplomacy in Lebanon 1982-1988
    (I.B. Tauris Press, (1995) London)
    This is the first scholarly account on Lebanon's foreign policy which became a major source for diplomats and journalists seeking background information on Lebanon and its regional connections. It was translated into Arabic as al-Khayarat al-Sa'bah (Difficult Options)​

  5. الخيارات الصعبة: دبلوماسية البحث عن مخرج​
    شركة المطبوعات للتوزيع والنشر، (1993) بيروت، لبنان​

  6. My American Bride
    (Quartet Books Limited, (2008) London)
    A biographical novel
    This is a narrative partially novelistic describing the life of a young man between two radically different cultures, a new tale of two cities.

  7. From Mhardi to the Throne of Antioch
    (a biographical essay on the Life & Times of Patriarch Ignatius IV)
    This is a study of the rise of the young Habib from a relatively poor town in Syria, to the rank of Patriarch emphasizing the influence of university education on him.

  8. إغناطيوس الرابع: مواقف وأقوال
    منشورات جامعة البلمند (2002)
    Editor, of the writings, speeches, and sermons of His Beatitude Patriarch Ignatius IV.

  9. القفز فوق الحواجز​
    اعداد مكتب العلاقات العامة في جامعة البلمند (2013) – منشورات جامعة البلمند

    This is a book based on speeches he gave on national and cultural issues, as President of the University of Balamand as of 1993 with an introduction by Professor Georges Dorlian.​
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