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Legal Matters

The Lebanese Governmental decree 9274 of 5th October, 1996 recognizes the University of Balamand as one of the six oldest universities in Lebanon through one of its academic units, the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA), founded in 1943.  As a result, the University is permanently represented on two important committees dealing with higher education in Lebanon :

  1. The Equivalence Committee, in charge of recognizing all diplomas not directly awarded by the Lebanese State .
  2. The Technical Committee, in charge of evaluating all dossiers presented with the aim of:
    1. obtaining authorization to open an establishment of higher education in Lebanon .
    2. auditing the activities of existing academic institutions.

           Moreover, representatives of the University of Balamand sit on several other official committees charged with preparing new legislation relating to higher education in Lebanon .  In this way, the University, with its counterparts, is attempting to lay down an effective strategy for renewing Lebanese university life, which suffered greatly during18 years of war.

            In order to meet this task, the Vice-President’s office maintains constant relations with the offices of specialist consulting lawyers.

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