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Message from Vice President Nahas

VP Nahas Having had the fortune to share in the University of Balamand ’s foundation, I can only rejoice at the extent of its development over a relatively short period.  The University's mission is dedicated to excellence. To the young people who pass through it, the University of Balamand offers a grounding that allows them to know one another in order to serve better and to love better, and that allows them to be in the vanguard of innovation in order to sustain Lebanon in its efforts of reconstruction.

    As Vice-President of the University, I can testify to a continuing effort to fulfilling the mission of this institution.  Within the framework of my functions, and in close cooperation with the Presidency of the University, this effort has been realized in:

  1. Cooperative international relations with the aim of permitting University researchers and students to stay abreast of scientific innovation in all fields.  These relations have been well targeted as regards equally research, formations, and services offered by the University to the community.
  2. Long-term planning of the University’s construction projects and academic strategy.
  3. Activation of a series of committees aimed both at increasing the level of consultation within the University and at drawing an increasing number of faculty members into the decision-making process at all levels.
  4. An effective presence at the level of higher education in Lebanon in order to assist cooperation among the fellow-universities of this country and to assure a nationwide elevation of university standards.

    I am totally confident that, with the strength of its highly qualified faculty and wholly dedicated administrative staff, the University of Balamand will succeed in fulfilling its mission of service and witness.  The service that the University undertakes to offer consists in assisting the development of the individual and society, and the development of scientific thought in a rigorously objective spirit.  The witness that the University is attempting to bring reflects to the quality of relations that should be established among people of good-will – relations based on the love of others, as manifested in attitudes of openness and daily acts of cooperation and sharing.​​​​

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