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University of Balamand > Prospective Students > Acceptance - Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences

Acceptance - Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences

Updated July 13th, 2015

ID Admission Type
A0911102 Regular
A1010135 Regular
A1010938 Regular
A1010984 Regular
A1011290 Regular
A1110096 Regular
A1110268 Regular
A1110490 Regular
A1110531 Regular
A1110726 Regular
A1110771 Early
A1111086 Regular
A1210034 Regular
A1210060 Regular
A1210062 Early
A1210072 Early
A1210102 Early
A1210164 Early
A1210192 Regular
A1210196 Regular
A1210279 Regular
A1210281 Regular
A1210317 Regular
A1210369 Regular
A1210393 Regular
A1210483 Regular
A1210543 Regular
A1210559 Regular
A1210621 Early
A1210710 Early
A1210712 Early
A1210720 Regular
A1210796 Early
A1210983 Regular
A1211024 Early
A1211040 Early
A1211057 Regular
A1211145 Regular
A1211280 Regular
A1211468 Regular
A1220052 Regular
A1220100 Regular
A1311516 Regular
A1311518 Regular
A1320174 Regular
A1410594 Regular
A1410598 Regular
A1410608 Regular
A1410628 Regular
A1411430 Regular
A1411539 Regular
A1411560 Regular
A1510036 Early
A1510040 Early
A1510220 Regular
A1510224 Regular
A1510248 Regular
A1510260 Regular
A1510264 Regular
A1510268 Regular
A1510276 Regular
A1510294 Regular
A1510312 Regular
A1510316 Regular
A1510384 Regular
A1510424 Regular
A1510446 Regular
A1510564 Regular
A1510572 Regular
A1510580 Regular
A1510606 Regular
A1510632 Regular
A1510658 Regular
A1510768 Regular
A1511042 Regular
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