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University of Balamand > Prospective Students > Language Levels - Spring: Updated January 12th, 2016

Language Levels - Spring

Updated January 12th, 2016

ID Level
A1520001 ENGL101
A1520002 ENGL102
A1520005 ENGL101
A1520006 ENGL101
A1520007 ENGL101
A1520009 ENGL102
A1520011 ENGL102
A1520017 ENGL003
A1520018 ENGL102
A1520019 ENGL101
A1520022 ENGL102
A1520030 ENGL101
A1520031 ENGL002
A1520034 ENGL003
A1520038 ENGL203
A1520044 ENGL101
A1520049 ENGL203
A1520053 ENGL203
A1520054 ENGL203
A1520055 ENGL101
A1520064 ENGL101
A1520072 ENGL102
A1520076 ENGL203
A1520082 ENGL003
A1520088 ENGL101
A1520089 ENGL001
A1520091 ENGL001
A1520093 ENGL203
A1520095 ENGL203
A1520097 ENGL101
A1520100 ENGL101
A1520114 ENGL203
A1520120 ENGL203
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