School of Tourism & Hotel Management

The School of Tourism and Hotel Management (THM) at the University of Balamand is committed to deliver a quality and relevant educational program. Students’ educational experience integrates both theoretical and practical learning, tailored to meet the needs of the industry and prepares them for successful careers in entry and mid-level management positions in the various hospitality fields.

The Degrees we offer
Degree Years Total Credits Language
BBA in Hospitality Management Bacc + 3 100 Credits English/Arabic

After Graduation
The multidisciplinary nature of a degree in Hospitality Management provides graduates with the vital skill of multitasking to meet the growing needs of customers. The potential fields of Hospitality and Food Services, Catering, International Hotel Chains, Food production, Food Processing, Corporate Offices, Restaurants, Tourist Offices, Airline Companies, Tour Agencies, Railway Companies, Casinos, Resorts, Theme Parks, Clinics, Hospitals, and Education represent a small fraction of the employment possibilities for graduates from our school.