ALBA students take Lebanon to Dutch design week

ALBA students take Lebanon to Dutch design week

After being awarded first and second place in the Beirut Identity competition, Alexandra Basil and Marine Germani, 3rd year students at ALBA, will be showcasing their winning projects at Dutch Design Week this October. Each year, more than 2,600 designers from around the world get the opportunity to share their work with more than 350,000 visitors. The Beirut ID concept came to life in response to the devastating explosion of August 4, with the aim of providing real solutions to the communities of Beirut, which Alexandra and Marine excelled at.

Alexandra Basil received first prize for “Nazel el -Saleh”. In order to face the economic crisis, Alexandra proposed to create an organization that will bring together local producers through an atypical market, bringing back the traditional Lebanese wicker basket. By doing so, she also aims to support local weavers as well as producers.

As for Marine Germani, she came in second for her proposed project “Ekhtiyarat Teta”. Marine’s solution is to create a community that promotes small businesses throughout Beirut. The name was carefully chosen to attract more customers with the golden seal of approval from teta. Marine plans to expand the service further to include home cooking to attract the younger audiences as well.

Marine and Alexandra are currently looking to implement their projects in Beirut through the support of Beirut ID competition.