UOB Students Elected to Leadership Positions in LeMSIC

UOB Students Elected to Leadership Positions in LeMSIC

Earlier this semester, medical students from the University of Balamand were elected to leadership positions in the Lebanese Medical Students International Committee (LeMSIC) for the terms 2021-2022. LeMSIC is a committee that is recognized as a full National Member Organization within the ‘International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA), and a worldwide medical student representative by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Medical Association. In Lebanon, LeMSIC has more than 1000 medical student representations from six different Medical Schools, in addition to it working with several non-governmental organizations.

From the UOB side, Dany Faysal was elected as Vice President for External Affairs, Yara Salameh, as Vice President for Capacity Building, Nour Samad, as Vice President for Activities, Joe Haydamous, as National Exchange Officer-Incomings, Ralph Mansour, as National Officer of the Standing Committee on Medical Education and Doha Fadel, as UOB Local Director (LD-UOB). It is also noteworthy that many UOB LeMSIC members play key roles in LeMSIC at a national level in various capacities, these include: Ingrid Kabalan, the President’s Assistant for Alumni (ALA). Sima Shaar, Code of Conduct Committee (CoCC). Milanie Milan, the Assistant National Officer of the Standing Committee on Public Health (NPO-Assistant). Johnny Zaatar, the Publications Assistant (PA).

The UOB LeMSIC local committee has been very active at the University of Balamand since 2011. At UOB, LeMSIC targets activities that aim to raise awareness on public health, human rights and reproductive health issues. Their activities branch into student life, medical curricula reforms and medical education.

Commenting on the occasion, UOB Director of Student Affairs Mr. Michael Salem congratulated the UOB LeMSIC team wishing them a successful term. He also assured the full support of the Office of Student Affairs in close collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine to the LeMSIC activities.

Year after year, the UOB LeMSIC Committee continues to attain achievements. Some of their successes include coordinating International Award-Winning initiatives, attaining positions within the International Teams and the Executive Board of IFMSA, and being recognized as an influential stakeholder by several organizations in the country. ​