Dr. Souad Slim receives the KAAD Foundation Peter Hünermann Award

Dr. Souad Slim receives the KAAD Foundation Peter Hünermann Award

University of Balamand Professor, Dr. Souad Slim was granted the KAAD Foundation Peter Hünermann Award for her social engagement and commitment to the Lebanese youth, as well as her work with the KAAD partner committee.

KAAD is a scholarship organization of the Catholic Church in Germany for postgraduates and researchers from (developing) countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Near and Middle East, and Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Their work in the Middle East includes setting up the KAAD-Third-country scholarship program for Syrian and Iraqi students as well as Lebanese sector experts: In 2015, KAAD was able to set up a sur-place and third-country scholarship program for Lebanon and Jordan. A total of 60 Syrian, Iraqi and Lebanese students have been able to study for a Master's degree in Lebanon thanks to the program.

History, Cultural studies and Methodology professor at the University of Balamand, Dr. Souad Slim, has been a committed member of the Lebanese KAAD Partner Committee for more than twenty years. She received her first Ph.D. in History from Sorbonne University and a second Ph.D. in the department of Christian-Muslim relations at Birmingham University. After returning to her home country, she worked diligently on projects that served to educate people and bring them together despite religious differences, especially after the bitter years of the civil war.

Currently, she serves as the Director of the Centre of Documentation and History at the Institute of History, Archeology and Near Eastern Studies.

Dr. Souad Slim’s contribution to the KAAD-Third-country Scholarship program and her constant efforts to make Lebanon a better place for the youth through her educational mission, have earned her a place among the KAAD awardees; Roula Talhouk, Father Jules Boutros and Ziad Fahed, who form the KAAD partner committee in Lebanon, along with Dr. Slim. ​