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A HERMES PhD scholarship

for Joseph Iskandar

Joseph Iskandar has been granted a HERMES scholarship, with the support of the Erasmus Mundus Program of the European Union, to carry out his doctoral studies in civil engineering in the framework of a collaboration agreement between the University of Genova, Italy, and the University of Balamand. He will be working under the supervision of Prof. Nabil Fares (UOB) and Prof. Roberta Massabo (Genova) on structural mechanics.

Joseph learned about the Hermes/Mundus program following a presentation held at the University of Balamand, and was among seventy-two students from the Middle East and Europe who were selected.

Joseph describes this opportunity as “a unique experience” and says he is looking forward to learning more about structural mechanics.

Iskandar completed his Master’s degree in Civil Engineering in 2015, graduating with distinction. His MS project, under the supervision of Dr. Nabil Fares, was the study of a 2-Mass Tuned-Mass Damper (TMD) on a Single Degree of Freedom (SDOF) system. A TMD is a device consisting of a moving mass (around 1-2% of the structure's mass) attached to a structure in order to reduce the effects of motion caused by dynamic loads. The purpose of his research was to study the response of a 2-mass TMD on an SDOF system and compare it with a 1-mass TMD.

Since high school, Joseph has been interested in civil engineering issues, and more specifically topics revolving around structural mechanics. He decided to join the University of Balamand to pursue these studies. He says he enjoys his major courses, being particularly interested in those on technical platform computing for civil engineering and the dynamics of structures.

Involved in a series of community service activities on campus, Joseph became a member of the UOB Chapter of the American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE), where he has participated in a number of related activities and social events. He is also founder of the Meaningful Youth Club and has organized a number of activities that improved his leadership skills.
Joseph values the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Balamand  and appreciates particularly the support of Prof. Nabil Fares and the commitment of Dr. Nagib Gergess, in developing the Civil Engineering Program.

​Faculty members and colleagues wish him the very best of luck as he embarks on his journey to Italy. 

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