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Assoc. Prof.  Rouadi 

At Balamand From Day One

Associate Professor Naim  El Rouadi has been at the University of Balamand from Day One, and has accompanied its growth with great enthusiasm.  He joined the University in 1988 and says that “it was a dream to be part of an Orthodox  university founded by His Beatitude Patriarch Ignatius IV.” Balamand, he says, “sits on a spectacular hill that spreads education to the whole region. It has turned this hill from an area ruled by goats to a hill ruled by knowledge.” 

Dr. Rouadi, who hails from Mina on the outskirts of Tripoli, is an accomplished researcher, with many publications to his name. A strong advocate of educational reform in the field of mathematics, Dr. Rouadi’s  latest research article, “A New Reading of Scaffolding in Geometry,” was published in January 2014 in the International Journal of Arts and Commerce.  In addition, he has published four other articles this year.

He argues that one way to engage students in the learning process is by using an instructional technique based on the Scaffolding model whereby “the teacher models the desired learning strategy that gradually shifts the responsibility to students.” Teachers, he says, should use building blocks in the learning process, just like the supports that construction workers use on buildings.

Another work, “From Perception to Deduction and Modeling: The Challenges of Euclidian Geometry,” published in the International Journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences, was dedicated to a discussion on the challenges of teaching Euclidian geometry. He is currently working on a book, in French, on how to train teachers of geometry in elementary classes. The work is titled “Formation des enseignants en geometrie primaire,” and he has also recently sent a book for publication on the “Enseignement de l’arithmetique” or the teaching of arithmetic.

Dr. Rouadi  is currently offering a course on the Fundamentals of Educational Technology, as well as courses on school administration and the teaching of algebra and arithmetic.  His philosophy as a teacher is that everyone can learn and develop and that teachers need to prepare students to adapt to complex situations and to be able to apply the learning objectives to these situations.

A contributor to the 1997 reform of the mathematics educational curriculum for intermediary classes in Lebanon, Dr. Rouadi has been named an educational expert at the Center of Educational Research and Development in the Ministry of Higher Education where he is a member of the committee that oversees research to improve education in Lebanon.

An active contributor to international conferences, Dr. Rouadi  recently participated in the Annual Science and Mathematics Educators Conference (SMEC)  and in the Espace mathematique francophone, a conference program launched in the year 2003 that groups researchers from all Francophone nations every 3 years.

Dr. Rouadi  completed his CAPES )or Certificat d’aptitude professional a l’enseignment secondaire),   in Didactique des mathematiques from the Lebanese University in  1971 with a major  in mathematics and two  minors, one  in physics and another  in education. He later  obtained a doctorate in the same discipline from USEK in 1989  and in 1999, he completed a doctorate in   Didactique de l’informatique  from  the Université René Descartes-Paris V . As per the co-tutelage agreement, he also received a doctorate from Balamand.

During his long career at the University, Dr. Rouadi  served as chairperson of the then Department of Education and Psychology and as acting dean of FASS in 2000. While serving in those positions, Dr. Rouadi  focused on curriculum reform and the launch of many programs in collaboration with European institutions.

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