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HR Director Chammas

Office With an Open Door

After 27 years of working in the United Arab Emirates, Director of Human Resources Tony Chammas decided it was time to come home. He’s very happy he did, feeling very much at home at the University of Balamand, an institution he describes as a “rapidly growing family.”

While enjoying his long experience in the business world – he worked as an auditor for the prestigious firm of Cooper & Lybrand, and director of finance and administration for the Chalhoub Group – Mr. Chammas was eager to experience a career in an academic institution. He joined Balamand in 2010 and has embarked on bringing his considerable and diversified experience to the HR office.

Human Resources, he says, face significant challenges as the role of the discipline becomes broader and more strategic. “The job of a HR office today goes beyond the basic functions of hiring, training and retaining employees, but is also a key element in developing a workforce that aligns with the mission statement of institution, in our case with the mission statement of UOB.”

Mr. Chammas says he finds the challenges posed by the job fulfilling, and tries to operate his office in line with the open door policy of the administration, a policy he credits for much of the success of the institution. “The way Balamand is growing and competing with other universities is incredible,” he says.

“In the Human Resources office, we try to be as open as we can. HR is a people’s office, and we are available to discuss any issue with the employees that stems from the mission of the university.” The office, he adds, is committed to meeting everyone’s needs by providing the highest level of service possible.

“We want everyone to feel they are respected, fairly treated, listened to and involved. We want them to feel they have been provided with a highly responsive and excellent service so that the trust between staff, faculty, and administration is continuously maintained.”

A native of Amioun, Mr. Chammas lives in Sahel Alma and is marrie​​d to Jackie Khlat and father to two young men, Georges, a graduate in engineering from McGill University​, and Jad, completing his Business degree from the University of Concordia. ​​
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