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Zeenni Technology Center for Engineering and Industrial Research
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Message from the Founder
I am pleased to welcome you to the website of Zeenni Technology Center for Engineering and Industrial Research.
There is an increasing demand and need nowadays for industrial growth. The  key to such development is preparing a skilled workforce  trained on the principles of maximum productivity and optimum outcomes. Moreover, academic institutions have woke up to the importance of integrating industrial learning solutions to their academic programs. The purpose are the mutual benefits acquired by both parties and the new horizons revealed by such change. 
First of its kind in the Middle East, the Zeenni Technology Center for Engineering and Industrial Automation offers a new exciting training experience to students from academic institutions, engineers and technical personnel from the industry in different areas of automation technology . The center is one step forward towards realizing the dream of making industry-university partnership work and overcome the conventional collaboration which is only based on funding of research projects. If we provide employees with the theoretical strength acquired by students at universities and ensure for students a working environment where they can benefit from real industrial learning experience; the center is the bridge towards a sustainable industry-university relationship. Establishing such partnership is vital not only to academia or industry but also to the economical development of the nation. 
Whether you have a theoretical or technical background, I would like to encourage you to enroll in the training programs offered at the center. I also invite you to visit the center at Balamand and have a real look of the available state-of –the-art facilities and services.