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​​Training Courses

All trainings offered at the Zeenni Technology Center for Engineering and Industrial Research located at the University of Balamand are delivered by using  the  technology and material of “Festo ” & “Festo Didactic”.
Festo is a German company that stands as one of the main global suppliers of automation technology, and Festo Didactic holds over 40 years of experience in developing learning systems, consulting and training in all areas of technology and automation. Festo Didactic has guaranteed a key position in the present and future technology market because it acquired the know-how of designing solutions to increase the success of the trainings it offers, and because it realized that the need for such trainings will only increase with time. That is why its only aim is to make learning more effective.
Our Center in UOB holds seven labs all equipped with state of the art machinery, tools and components, all Festo-made, and it offers all trainings by using the teachware (coursebooks, workbooks) and simulation software selected by Festo Didactic. In other words, our Center has been authorized to use all the expertise and competence developed by Festo over the years and to provide it to our trainees under the Festo brand.
Depending on the area of interest, trainings might take few days, or up to few months.

Today, the "Automation Technology" learning system of Festo, and therefore the one our Center offers, is more complete than ever and it covers all present-day mechatronics topics:

Our Center offers the perfect training environment, since our participants or trainees can start with the basic disciplines of Mechatronics in our basic labs and then have the ultimate free choice to either stop or to move to more and more advanced modules until they reach the most sophisticated fully automated processes and manufacturing systems.
We can afford to present our trainees with this convenience because of our flexible certification system, which is  module-based. In other words the training is offered independently in each of the above-mentioned modules, and therefore  upon completion of training in one module, the trainee will receive an internationally-recognized FESTO certification in the specified area of training.
He then has the choice to move on to another module, and to receive yet another certificate .
So it’s fair to say  that we offer each participant an individual training option that fits their personal requirements and that is what guarantees the success of the exercise.