Speeches and Messages

27 October 2018
Message from the President on the Occasion of the Balamand Educational Foundation Gala Dinner

8 November 2018
President’s speech during the 2018 awards ceremony of the Inas Academic Awards Foundation annual competition

1 December 2018
Dr. Warrak’s speech during the inauguration ceremony where he was formally inducted as the 4th president of the University of Balamand

20 December 2018
President’s speech during the handover event of the SABiop project University of Balamand

8 March 2019
President’s speech during the Annual Alumni Gala Dinner in Abu Dhabi

3 April 2019
Speech by the President during Annahar Blue Dawn Road Show Nahyan Auditorium

10 May 2019
President’s speech during the visit of His Beatitude Patriarch John X to Akkar

29 May 2019
Seminar at the Issam Fares Faculty of Technology

22 June 2019
President’s speech during the 2019 Graduation Ceremony

26 June 2019
President’s speech at the SABIS Koura Graduation Ceremony

2 July 2019
President’s speech at Lady of Balamand School Graduation Ceremony

27 September 2019
Annual Dinner at the Souq El Gharb Campus

1 October 2019
MOU Signing with the Lebanese Red Cross

21 July 2020
Speech by President Warrak during the signing ceremony with Mount Lebanon Hospital

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