Since its founding, The University of Balamand actively sought to sustain and maintain the quality and principles of its programs and faculties to meet international standards. It aims to prove itself as a trustworthy higher education institution deserving of public confidence.

Institutional Accreditation

In 2015 The University of Balamand received accreditation from The Accreditation, Certification, and Quality Assurance Institute better known as ACQUIN, founded in 2001, Germany. ACQUIN granted the university a 6-year unconditional institutional accreditation. The institutional accreditation is valid until 30 September 2021.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, ACQUIN has extended the validity of the accreditation for additional one year, expiring on 30 September 2022. You may click here to read the confirmation letter of accreditation extension together with the seal of accreditation.

An accreditation from ACQUIN is an expression of the quality of teaching and learning at the University of Balamand which serves to strengthen the ties between Lebanese higher education and Higher education in Germany while considering all types of programs and disciplines.

Visit ACQUIN ​official website to learn more about its efforts to internationalize German higher education.