Student Groups

Student Society of Chemical Engineers (SSChE)

The Student Society of Chemical Engineers, founded in September 2015, brings together a group of highly dedicated and motivated chemical engineering students. The aim is to provide members with the opportunity to be involved in Chemical Engineering in many different manners. Members will have the opportunity to build networks with the chemical engineering community and will benefit from the various activities that will strengthen their knowledge in the field, as well as enable them to work on various projects together. Our student society is committed to encouraging the academic and professional progress of students by helping to provide all the necessary resources for success.

IEEE Student Branch

The University of Balamand is known for its lively student community. The Faculty of Engineering proudly hosts many clubs and societies that are student branches of several international professional engineering organizations. For us, student life is the beating heart of our Faculty. IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is the world’s largest professional organization for the advancement of technology. IEEE promotes the development and application of technology, engineering, and sciences for the benefit of humanity and the advancement of the engineering profession. We are proud to host one of the most active IEEE Student Branches in Lebanon.

Our branch board members, with support from the Faculty and the Office of Student Affairs, organize several technical and social events that promote the liveliness of our community. These events bring together students, faculty and staff to celebrate their belonging to the Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering community at the University of Balamand. We are also proud to be home of a Student Chapter of the IEEE Computer Society and the IEEE Power and Energy Society. These societies operate in their specialized areas with the guidance of our faculty members under the umbrella of the IEEE Student Branch.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a professional association founded in 1880 that aims to promote and improve the practice of multidisciplinary engineering through focusing on education, professional development, standards, research, and government relations. It is an engineering society, a standards organization, a research and development organization, a lobbying organization, a provider of training and education, and a non-profit organization. The University of Balamand is proud to be home to a Student Chapter of ASME.

Since its inception, the Chapter aims to:
  • - Organize activities that help guide engineering students toward advanced study and career-long continuing education.

  • - Be a resource to the Department and Faculty of Engineering in helping to inform and inspire future engineering students, their parents and their teachers.

  • - Provide a forum for faculty-guided experiences that complement the curriculum and mission of the Department.

  • - Serve as an organization that provides recognition for achievement and support to engineering students.

  • - Provide a platform for networking with other students on the campus as well as with mechanical engineering students anywhere in the world.

The Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS)

The Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS), founded in 1866, is the only professional society in the aerospace community. Its mission is to advance global aeronautical science, art and engineering. It provides the primary platform to share aeronautical knowledge and promote professional standards. The Society has many international partners with similar goals and objectives. In November 2013, the Mechanical Engineering Department at UOB had become a Corporate Partner of the Society. This prestigious partnership reflects the department’s commitment to best practice in the international aerospace community and endorses its professional development within the aviation sector. Many of its faculty and staff members, as well as some of its students, are already members of the society at different grades. At the beginning of the fall semester of 2016, a group of senior aeronautical engineering students, identified with RAeS heritage, vision and values, decided that the RAeS should maintain a visible presence within the University, particularly among the students. They set out to establish a club that can represent the noble Society and gather students who are passionate about aeronautics under its umbrella to run student-based aviation-related activities.  

The American Concrete Institute (ACI)

American Concrete Institute (ACI) is a technical and educational society founded in 1904. It is one of the leading authorities on concrete technology worldwide. ACI is a forum for the discussion of all matters related to concrete and the development of solutions to problems. It is also concerned with the development of industry standards.

The UOB ACI Student Chapter was officially recognized in a ceremony on 17 March 2017. UOB is among the first universities in Lebanon to have created an ACI Student Chapter. The Chapter works hard with faculty members to organize events and create opportunities for the Chapter members to be active engineering students who are engaged in several activities that promote the civil engineering profession while placing special focus on concrete technologies and research.

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

The American Society of Civil Engineers, ASCE, is a professional body founded in 1852 to represent members of the civil engineering profession worldwide. The purpose behind it is to bring professional civil engineers together to improve the civil engineering profession — student Chapters at universities worldwide aim at bringing the students together with their instructors around their majors to, firstly, develop as engineers and improve their communication skills and professionalism.

The UOB ASCE Student Chapter was officially recognized in a ceremony on Tuesday 11 November 2014. UOB is among the first Universities in Lebanon to have received the official certificate of its ASCE Student Chapter. The ASCE UOB Chapter will strive and endeavour to live up to its newly-acquired recognition and pursue the higher goals evinced in their upcoming planned events.

The ASCE Student Chapter at the University of Balamand, in collaboration with faculty members, strives to create opportunities for students to develop as individuals and as professionals. The Chapter places special focus on topics such as the sustained reduction of the cost of projects, green technologies, and personal development. The Chapter has also organized and participated in several local, regional, and international competitions.