UOB Weather Station

The installed weather station is manufactured to withstand harsh environmental condition. It comprises the following sensors; ELO105 Data Logger, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Rainfall Precipitation, Radiation, and Pressure. All the sensors are installed on a customized mast, where the user can modify the height hydraulically up to 9 meters, by the prevailing environmental conditions. The data logger is also installed in a safe box and has an internal battery, which ensures safe operation and continuous data handling in all circumstances, including that of a power interruption. The University thus has secure data retrieval. Additionally, the logger is connected to the central unit/Server via RS 232 advanced cables to ensure data is being transferred without interference.

As for the software, the installed unit is equipped with a double software system; the first is programmed to retrieve data from the logger, to give online reading, but is also equipped with X-Panel software enabling it to imprint the data onto the server screen of the live gadgets to make all the retrieved data realistic. The second is high-end e-SAM software with unlimited data storage capabilities, enabling the continuous storage of data in two formats, one being Excel and the other PDF with user-defined intervals. The installed server is not only operated via RS 232 interfaces but is able also to be connected to additional complete units installed in remote areas so that data from other stations can be retrieved from the central unit.